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Company That Wants to Offer Medical Marijuana Zeroes In On Brighton Location

BRIGHTON, N.Y. — Valley Agriceuticals, a downstate medical marijuana firm, is looking to open a dispensary at Clinton Crossings in Brighton.

“I’m overjoyed to be a part of this and to really change care for patients,” said Erik Holling, the business mind behind Valley Agriceuticals.

If a license is awarded, the medical cannabis dispensary would go in what is now a former office of a retired doctor. State law would allow dispensation of marijuana, but not in plant form. Valley Agriceuticals hopes to grow marijuana in the Hudson Valley, then make it into pills and extracts.

“We see that as an opportunity to really improve their life,” said Eileen Konieczny.

Konieczny is a nurse who was key in getting New York’s laws passed. She’s seen the soothing effects of medical marijuana, losing several family members to cancer.

“Cannibis works.  For end of life care, cannabis works,” she said.

Valley Agriceuticals is one of 43 companies to apply for just five licenses that New York state will eventually issue.

The market is not covered by insurance, meaning patients will pay hundreds of dollars a month for medical cannabis.

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