Valley Agriceuticals Breaks Ground on Medical Cannabis Production Facility in Wallkill (Orange County) NY

Valley Agriceuticals Breaks Ground on Medical Cannabis Production Facility in Wallkill (Orange County) NY

June 11, 2015 – Wallkill, NY – Valley Agriceuticals, LLC, a Purchase, NY-based company dedicated to raising the industry standard for pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis production, delivery and patient care, broke ground today on construction of its medical cannabis cultivation and production facility in the town of Wallkill, Orange County, NY.

Valley Agriceuticals, seeking one of New York State’s five medical cannabis licenses, is building a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility to cultivate and produce pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis. Within the facility, Valley Agriceuticals will cultivate Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) plants and then extract and process the cannabinoids into medicine for patients. The facility will also include a lab for quality assurance, controls and research.

“Our facility will be managed by master growers and cannabis extraction engineers, with more than 30 years of combined experience in growing medical grade cannabis both domestically and in Israel,” said Erik Holling, Valley Agriceuticals President. “Building the facility will create more than 50 construction jobs and once operational – if Valley Agriceuticals is fortunate enough to win one of the state’s medical marijuana licenses – we will create more than 100 full-time jobs, paying living wages, at full build-out.”

State Senator John Bonacic said: “Valley Agriceuticals exemplifies the professionalism required to securely grow, manufacture, and market pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis products in New York State. Their clinical, pharmaceutical and pharmacy management expertise make them uniquely qualified to operate a medical marijuana business in New York State. In addition, their strong security and compliance leadership will ensure patient and community safety.”

State Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther said: “Valley Agriceuticals is first and foremost a company committed to helping ailing New Yorkers. But it is also a company that has shown it is committed to the community by designing the property to respect the environment and its neighbors and by creating good paying jobs in Wallkill. I am hopeful that Valley Agriceuticals will be part of Orange County for many years to come as it brings its agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, research, and security expertise to our community.”

Wallkill Town Supervisor Dan Depew said: “We here in Wallkill are happy to see Valley Agriceuticals move forward with their project. As we have learned not all license applicants throughout the county have been fully vetted by the public and their towns of origin. We are proud to say after a thorough public process, Valley Agriculture has our full support.”

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said: “The County met with Valley Agriceuticals earlier this year about their proposal in the Town of Wallkill. They are a reputable group and I think they bring what is an exciting project to Orange County. The Valley Agriceuticals team is made up of some of the most respected professionals in the industry and they are truly committed to being a part of Orange County.” –

Valley Agriceuticals’ Wallkill production facility is designed to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding community and countryside. The company has also agreed to protect roughly three-quarters of the entire 139-acre property for conservation.

Valley Agriceuticals last Friday submitted its application to the New York State Health Department for one of the state’s five medical cannabis licenses, which are expected to be awarded later this year. Valley Agriceuticals’ team is led by:

• Erik Holling, President, who is a former Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, a National Mortimer Sackler Awardee and a successful global businessman;
• Alfonso Romero-Sandoval, M.D., PhD, Chief Medical Officer, who has conducted extensive research on cannabinoids and their effects on acute and chronic pain;
• Eileen Konieczny, R.N., Director of Patient Services, who is President-elect of the American Cannabis Nurses Association;
• John Cutter, Chief Security Officer, who was formerly Deputy Chief for Counter-Intelligence of the New York City Police Department in the aftermath of 9/11;
• Dan Hartman, Director of Compliance, who, with more than 23 years of government regulatory experience, initiated and led the Colorado state medical cannabis program;
• Shay Avraham Sarid, a master cultivator who holds one of the eight licenses to produce medical cannabis in Israel, the acknowledged world leaders in the use of cannabis as a medicine;
• Darwin Eiseley Millard, a QA – QC, production, extraction scientist who has been involved in the cannabis industry for over 9 years;
• Alan Shackelford, M.D., Clinical Research Director, who has led medical cannabis patient care and research on multiple continents; and,
• Joe Bova, dispensary management team leader, who is a member and past Chair of the New York State Board of Pharmacy.

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