Valley Agriceuticals Submits Application to New York DOH for License as Medical Cannabis Provider

Valley Agriceuticals Submits Application to New York DOH for License as Medical Cannabis Provider

Company Will Produce Pharmaceutical-Grade Products for Qualified Patients‘Dream Team’ of Leaders in Medical Cannabis Production, Medicine, Pharmacy, Security & Regulation; Wallkill Production Facility, with “Origin Health Centers” in Manhattan and Westchester, Albany & Monroe Counties

June 5, 2015 – Albany, NY – Valley Agriceuticals, LLC, a Purchase, NY-based company dedicated to raising the industry standard for pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis production, delivery and patient care, today submitted its application for one of the five state medical cannabis licenses to be issued by the New York State Department of Health.

“We will build the best and most secure state-of-the-art medical cannabis program in New York, if not the nation. We will meet or exceed every standard put forth by the state. And we will be 100 percent focused on improving the health of our patients,” said Erik Holling, Valley Agriceuticals president. “We have assembled a dream team of leaders in medical cannabis production, pharmacy, security and regulation. On top of that, we have secured the necessary financing and have already begun building our Wallkill production facility.”

Holling highlighted the leadership team of Valley Agriceuticals and their combined 50+ years of experience in the field of medical cannabis. Valley Agriceuticals’ leadership team includes:

  • Erik Holling, President, who is a former Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, a National Mortimer Sackler Awardee and a successful global businessman;
  • Alfonso Romero-Sandoval, M.D., PhD, Chief Medical Officer, who has conducted extensive research on cannabinoids and their effects on acute and chronic pain;
  • Eileen Konieczny, R.N., Director of Patient Services, who is President-elect of the American Cannabis Nurses Association;
  • John Cutter, Chief Security Officer, who was formerly Deputy Chief for Counter-Intelligence of the New York City Police Department in the aftermath of 9/11;
  • Dan Hartman, Director of Compliance, who, with more than 23 years of government regulatory experience, initiated and led the Colorado state medical cannabis program;
  • Shay Avraham Sarid, a master cultivator who holds one of the eight licenses to produce medical cannabis in Israel, the acknowledged world leaders in the use of cannabis as a medicine;
  • Darwin Eiseley Millard, a QA – QC, production, extraction scientist who has been involved in the cannabis industry for over 9 years;
  • Alan Shackelford, M.D., Clinical Research Director, who has led medical cannabis patient care and research on multiple continents; and,
  • Joe Bova, dispensary management team leader, who is a member and past Chair of the New York State Board of Pharmacy.

“Our Wallkill production facility – already under construction, with the strong support of neighbors and virtually every business and government leader in Wallkill and Orange County – will house our integrated manufacturing process, from Certified Naturally Green plant cultivation to the production of pharmaceutical-grade medical products,” Holling said. “Although medical-grade cannabis is the minimum standard required by the state, our medicines will be pharmaceutical-grade because we think that is in the best interests of patients.”

Holling said that all Valley Agriceuticals’ medical products will be:

  • Based on decades of experience in cannabis production, research and patient care;
  • Offered in multiple dose and delivery mechanisms;
  • Packaged in tamper-proof and child-proof containers;
  • Clearly labeled and accompanied by a package insert similar to those found in traditional prescription medicines; and,
  • Guarded by quality control mechanisms that will ensure products of the highest quality.

“Valley Agriceuticals proposes to dispense medical cannabis to qualified patients through four dispensing facilities that we call Origin Health Centers, which we propose to open in Manhattan, Harrison (Westchester County), Colonie (Albany County), and Brighton (Monroe County). We are very gratified to have the support of local government and zoning officials in each of these locations,” Holling said.

Holling said that Valley Agriceuticals’ Origin Health Centers will go way beyond the state’s requirements for dispensing facilities.

“Of course our Origin Health Centers will be staffed by licensed pharmacists but they will also be staffed with nurses trained as ‘nurse navigators,’ to help patients with their care, deliver patient education classes and most importantly coordinate care with patients’ other treatment providers,” Holling said.  “All of our patients will have access to a 24-hour patient help line.”

Stressing the importance of security to Valley Agriceuticals to ensure product and patient safety and to prevent theft or diversion, Holling outlined some of the steps taken by Valley Agriceuticals under John Cutter’s leadership:

  • Developed a detailed, state-of-the-art security plan that restricts facility access to eligible staff and State-authorized patients and caregivers;
  • Created security protocols that adhere to local, state and federal security regulations, including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED); and,
  • Planned for security systems that cover the complete product lifecycle, including cultivation, production, packaging, transportation and distribution.

Valley Agriceuticals has entered into a Labor Peace/Neutrality Agreement with RWDSU/UFCW Local 338, in which both the union and Valley Agriceuticals recognize that such an agreement is in their mutually interests.

“If Valley Agriceuticals is fortunate enough to be chosen for one of the five New York medical cannabis licenses, we look forward to bringing our team’s experience, expertise and extensive knowledge to patients across the state who will be able to benefit from our medicines,” Hollings said.  “Everyone connected to Valley Agriceuticals brings their dedication and desire to help those who suffer from serious diseases and illnesses and can benefit from proven cannabinoid therapies.”

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