Valley Agriceuticals Unveils Rochester Region Origin Health Centers(TM) Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Valley Agriceuticals Unveils Rochester Region Origin Health Centers(TM) Medical Cannabis Dispensary


Origin Health Centers Will Provide Education & Support for Patients, and Include a 24 Hour Call Center


July 2, 2015 – Brighton, NY – Valley Agriceuticals, LLC, a Purchase, NY-based company dedicated to raising the industry standard for pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis production, delivery and patient care, today unveiled plans for its four proposed Origin Health CentersTM medical cannabis dispensaries. Origin Health Centers are proposed for Brighton (Monroe County), Harrison (Westchester County), Albany area, and Manhattan.

“Origin Health Centers will emphasize patient well-being and safety by combining first-class surroundings and state-of-the-art security with comfort and easy access. We will set the gold standard for medicine delivery for cannabis and all other medical treatments,” said Valley Agriceuticals President Erik Holling.  “Origin Health Centers will be far more than simple dispensaries. They will ensure New York patients receive the medicine they need as well as all the best information, help and support to navigate their challenging conditions.”

Eileen Konieczny, R.N., co-founder of Valley Agriceuticals and president-elect of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, said Origin Health Centers will aid patients from the first time they walk in and throughout the entire process.

“Our mission is about transforming patients’ lives by providing them the highest quality medicines in a safe, comfortable and secure environment. Origin Health Centers will do just that for our patients,” Konieczny said. “We will have an extensive new patient orientation program and then provide ongoing condition navigation and programs to support the health and well-being of our patients. Our pharmaceutical and medical staff will work closely with patients’ physicians to monitor health, progress and maximize patients’ response to the medication.”

Each of Valley Agriceuticals’ four Origin Health Centers will be staffed by trained, dedicated professionals, including nurses and pharmacists. Additionally, there will be a 24-hour call center – also staffed by pharmacists, nurses and healthcare professionals – to ensure round-the-clock support for patients, physicians and caregivers.

The new patient orientation will include:

  • Registration in the pharmacy system;
  • Medication reconciliation – a consult with the treating pharmacist to review current medications, conditions and pertinent information;
  • Patient rights and responsibilities;
  • Cannabis education, including dosing instructions and proper handling of the medicine;
  • An overview the New York medical marijuana law;
  • An overview of Valley Agriceuticals and Origin Health Centers;
  • An overview of Valley Agriceuticals research projects and the patient’s potential interest in participating; and,
  • A Patient Education Handbook.

Once a patient completes the orientation and enrolls to receive their medical cannabis medications from Valley Agriceuticals, they will have access to a wide variety of services, through the Origin Health Centers, including:

  • Monthly classes providing educational programs and information on relevant topics for patients, caregivers and the medical community. All educational materials and curricula will be based on scientific evidence, guided by trained medical staff, and pre-approved by the New York State Department of Health (DOH);
  • A dedicated healthcare patient navigator to aid in the sometimes daunting challenge of care management to help guide and direct patients to medical professionals, support groups and other resources that can provide helpful information;
  • Educational materials that will educate and empower patients through DOH-approved brochures on condition management for each of the approved conditions in the state, safety brochures, and product information;
  • Support meetings to encourage information sharing and support among peers and caregivers;
  • A 24-hour call center, staffed by pharmacists and nurses; and,
  • A dedicated website with easily accessible information for patients, physicians and caregivers. The website will provide information on Valley Agriceuticals, its products and services, medical cannabis, New York State law, safety information, downloadable patient and caregiver manuals, regulation updates, industry advancements, community programs, helpful resources, and event calendars for classes and outreach programs.

“Valley Agriceuticals’ patients will receive the best medical cannabis products to help ease suffering and will receive them in a safe, secure setting that will enhance their overall medical treatment,” Holling said. “That is the goal of everyone connected to Valley Agriceuticals and that’s why we are so enthusiastic about our innovative Origin Health Centers.”

Brett Costello, CEO at USAirports and Anthony J Costello & Son Development, said: “My family has been dedicated to the Rochester community for decades and we’re enthusiastic about how medical cannabis can increase the quality of life for people in our city and all of western New York. We’re glad to partner with Valley Agriceuticals and proud to be home to their innovative Origin Health Centers. I am confident patients will see this as a place where they can feel comfortable, cared for and helped.”

Valley Agriceuticals submitted its application to DOH for one of the state’s five medical cannabis licenses last month. Those licenses are expected to be awarded this summer. Valley Agriceuticals’ team is led by:

  • Erik Holling, President, who is a former Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, a National Mortimer Sackler Awardee and a successful global businessman;
  • Alfonso Romero-Sandoval, M.D., PhD, Chief Medical Officer, who has conducted extensive research on cannabinoids and their effects on acute and chronic pain;
  • Eileen Konieczny, R.N., Director of Patient Services, who is President-elect of the American Cannabis Nurses Association;
  • John Cutter, Chief Security Officer, who was formerly Deputy Chief for Counter-Intelligence of the New York City Police Department in the aftermath of 9/11;
  • Dan Hartman, Director of Compliance, who, with more than 23 years of government regulatory experience, initiated and led the Colorado state medical cannabis program;
  • Shay Avraham Sarid, a master cultivator who holds one of the eight licenses to produce medical cannabis in Israel, the acknowledged world leaders in the use of cannabis as a medicine;
  • Darwin Eiseley Millard, a QA – QC, production, extraction scientist who has been involved in the cannabis industry for over 9 years;
  • Alan Shackelford, M.D., Clinical Research Director, who has led medical cannabis patient care and research on multiple continents; and,
  • Joe Bova, dispensary management team leader, who is a member and past Chair of the New York State Board of Pharmacy.


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