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Possible dispensary site in Brighton

Updated: Thursday, July 2 2015, 02:03 PM EDT

Brighton, N.Y. – A location in Brighton is being proposed as a medical marijuana dispensary.

Clinton Crossing in Brighton is a place for medicine, Valley Agriceuticals, the company that would own the dispensary, said.

According to Valley Agriceuticals, Rochester is the right geographic location for the dispensary, which would be called Origin Health Centers.

The center would employ 20 medical professionals when running fully.

Valley Agriceuticals says the office will be a place for patients to not only receive their medication, but also be better educated with how their medication is helping them.

The medical marijuana will be in pill, spray and drop form.

“This is a doctor’s office; this is a doctor’s facility. This is different. It’s not just a drive-by pharmacy. This is a way to interact and to engage with our patients and deliver a safe, pharmaceutical grade medicine,” said Erik Holling, President of Valley Agriceuticals.

The company is one of 43 companies who have submitted applications with the state.

If they are one of the 5 companies granted a license, the dispensary will be up and running by January 2016.